Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Super Wednesday- The Big Deals of my 2014

All too soon 2014 is almost ended and this may be my last blog post for the year. Its been a very wonderful year for me (one of my best years actually!). I thought I should do this blog post how my year went with some lessons as well, and since it's a Super Wednesday, its the best time to do this.

I have undoubtedly become a much better person than I was last year, though I have already shared on some of these areas, I shall go a bit more into detail as I promised.

Yibellla Journal
I'm sure you have already guessed I was going to talk about this first. (and why wouldn't I talk about it anyway? I love it!). Yibellla Journal is my baby and my blog ,yes here (in case you didn't know). I have kept this blog since 2013 and within this year, I have written more richer, interesting and informative content which wrought great and positive feedback.

Within 2014, I introduced three awesome segments here; Young Legends of Inspiration ,Super Wednesday  and the Science segment where I feature scientific articles I write for ghscientific. People found these very useful and have helped increased readership on this blog as well.  

I am extremely glad about this because I love blogging and it makes me happy that I have been able to improve greatly here.
I can proudly say the growth of this blog has inspired others to take on initiatives they are passionate about and guess what? They are doing great! With this I say, look for that thing that makes you tick, grow it and nurture it to it fullest and it will unbelievably bring to you some awesome things your way!

Winner of ''I know a Ghanaian star writing contest"

Winning this competition is one of the biggest achievements of my life so far. 
I knew this was for me the very moment I saw the ad. This is not to say it was an easy deal, far from that perhaps you should ask Ato Ulzen-Appiah and Francis Addai the wahala I went through to get this. I was able to make it through to the top 5 and finally won.

Winning this has made me an admiration in the eyes of others. I won't forget how awesomely I felt receiving congratulatory phone calls and messages from people who found this great. Within this period, I have had colleagues at school and other people approaching me to tell me how much I inspire them through what I do.

With writing as my passion, I am extremely glad I have been able to make this achievement in my writing journey. I hope to have more winnings in the coming year.
This task looked and proved herculean but through hardwork I was able to make the mark. With this I say work hard always because it definitely will pay!

Meeting the Legends

Wow! this brings goose pimples all over my body any time I remember it. Within 2014, I had this great idea through which this brainchild of mine was born. So I said to myself, why don't I bring down some amazing people I know and have featured on the Young Legends of Inspiration segment down to my school, Ghana Institute of Journalism to come share to my colleagues and other students on their various initiative and inspire them as well?
Then I put it action! With the help of a great team, this dream of mine became reality.  This event was set for a day that wasn't really favourably for students to attend and it amazed me how great the turn out was! Over 60 people for a start!

I had Ato Ulzen-AppiahNaa Oyoo Quartey and Gabriel Obodai Torgbor- Ashong come share with them. They were just so great with their deliveries, the audience were inspired and loved them! It was so good that some people came asking me how much I had to pay them for the excellent sessions they mentored them in. They thought it would be damn expensive! But I kept on smiling and telling them they did it for free because they believed in this initiative and also also due to the of the good relationships I have with them. More on this can be found here.

I am very grateful to them and to everyone who helped one way or the other to make this a success.
In this coming year make it a point to network, make great contacts for you may never know who that saviour might be!

The other cool things 
There have been great improvement in my reading habits, trust me I have read more than any other year! Insightful articles, great write-ups which has made me more knowledgeable!

I also became a paid freelancer this year! I began writing stem related articles for GhScientific which is means more learning, improved writing and more experience!

I also joined the Wikimedia Ghana User Group where we write and edit Ghanaian related content on Wikipedia. It has been a good learning experience working with Oral Ofori. That guy knows a lot!

Aside many of which I can't even remember I have met great minds like Ama Atta-AidooJemila AbdulaiManasseh Azure AwuniProf. Agyeman Badu Akosa, and a lot more which time will fail me to mention.

These were the big deals of my 2014, I hope to do more and strike great achievements in 2015. God be my helper!.
Do leave a comment, let me though what your thoughts are.