Monday, 14 July 2014

Young Legends of Inspiration- Regina Agyare

A lot of people believe in great things but it is actually a few people who take the initiative to do the great things they believe in.  I heard her story and got inspired. This young lady had a dream, took daring decisions and bold steps even though a bit risky.

Regina Agyare is a young social entrepreneur who is passionate and loves Technology. She has been in the technology industry for 8 years and has worked in varying positions as
Product Manager for Internet Applications at Rancard Solutions, Product Manager for E-business
Applications and Management and Information Systems Supervisor at various companies.With the dream of changing the African single story through technology, she has taken great initiatives so there could be more positive stories coming from Africa.
She attended Ashesi University where she studied Computer Science. She found herself working in a bank after completing school where she worked very hard to develop a lot of their web applications and set up that department. She was unfortunately denied promotion because She was a 
 female and young. She felt devastated and resigned from the job and got employed at another bank. There, she had a good salary, bonuses, she could get special recommendations and afford a great life but she felt unfulfilled because that did not match her dreams. With an alarm of making a change ringing in her head all the time, she obeyed and resigned.

She then moved on to start a company, Soronko Solutions which has a mission of using basic technology to drive human potential and a vision of developing the next generation of critical thinkers and innovators in STEM. The company also leverages on developing innovative technology solutions across different channels such as Web, Mobile, POS and ATM to solve problems. She is currently helping small and medium scale enterprises in Ghana create visibility and grow their businesses with technology.

In her high school days, she had a dream of becoming a rocket scientist, she couldn't further with that because the educational system wasn't structured in a way which could help her make this dream a reality. So then brooded on these questions; “how can I create a better environment for young children like me who would want to build rockets?” “How can they be fostered and nurtured to think about Africa’s problems?” “How can they become critical thinkers and problems solvers?”

These thoughts drove her to the rural areas where she had different sessions with children on Science and Technology games which required critical thinking. During those sessions, she found out that the boys were aggressive and the girls always stood back watching. 
There again, she thought about how she could get girls to take part in creating technology to have the female perspective. Then a brilliant brainchild was born.
She set up “Tech needs Girls”, a mentorship program which trains girls between(6-19) how to code, build mobile applications and websites. She invites other females who are either computer scientists or engineers to have coding classes with the girls every Saturday. These girls are now designing web applications which is really amazing!

Her hardwork paid off!  Below are some awesome opportunities and achievements of hers;

      •Her story was published in the Lean In for Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook.

•She is an Aspen Institute New Voices Fellow,Global Shaper of the Accra hub of the World Economic Forum, Vital Voices Fellow,Change Leader with Tigo Reach For Change and YALI Washington Fellow 2014 and will meet Obama and Michelle.

•Finalist for the African Digital Woman of the Year,awarded Women of Courage Award for Technology and Tech Needs Girls was awarded in the Ghana CSR Diary Awards

•Had the Crown Princess of Sweden come to the Slum to visit Tech Needs Girls and was invited to speak at Harvard University and TEDxLabone.

•She is on the project advisory board to help advice the UN Committee for the Rights of a Child update the Convention for the Rights of the Child for a Digital Age.  

If you have a dream, just go ahead and work it out!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Super Wednesday- The Contest

Whiles going through my Google+ notifications, I came across this;
cool opportunity, I thought. I took time to know what it actually entailed; subject,requirements, conditions etc. We were supposed to write about someone who is M.A.D (making a difference) in our society or country.The prizes were so cool too.
  Not a bad topic at all I thought, smiling to myself. I instantly put on my thinking cap and decided on who to write about. I didn't need to let my thinking wheels travel too far. With the Young Legends of Inspiration segment on my blog in mind, I decided to write about the first legend  +Ato Ulzen-Appiah, of course with his permission which he granted! I was really glad he did, it was an honour.
I started working at it right away.I gathered all facts and information I needed and with a spice of my creativity, this article was born;
It was quite a herculean task which took days but I finally submitted it.

On 24th May 2013, I received good news; my entry made it to the top five, it was however not uhuru! I was to make people read my story, get inspired and like it via the facebook button and the highest number of likes would be declared as winner!  Hmmm...another round. I did my best and with the unwavering help of some awesome people, I managed to get over 600 people to read, get inspired and like my story.
Checking my progress with the number of likes was now the first thing I did when I woke up and the last thing I did before retiring to bed.
I won't forget how fast my heart would beat when my opponents were trying to catch up with me especially during the last days to the deadline. I wanted to win; If I would win anything, I wanted it to be concerning writing because I am highly passionate about writing.

During the waiting period, I really thought the days were very slow but the deadline finally came and I received great and joyous news; I WON!, I WON the "I know a Ghanaian Star writing competition"!!!
My joy knew no bounds, I fulfilled knowing that I have made one big progress in my writing journey. My joy isn't really about the prize but with the fact that I have been able to achieve something with my writing ability and made progress on this  amazing writing journey of mine. Hardwork really pays, I believe and this has proved it. Let's put away procrastination and laziness and be inspired to work hard in all areas of our endeavours. Remember,"Less Talk, More Action".

I am particularly grateful to all those who helped and encouraged me to get this far. What would I have done without you all?  Thank you so much!