Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Super Wednesday- The Contest

Whiles going through my Google+ notifications, I came across this;
cool opportunity, I thought. I took time to know what it actually entailed; subject,requirements, conditions etc. We were supposed to write about someone who is M.A.D (making a difference) in our society or country.The prizes were so cool too.
  Not a bad topic at all I thought, smiling to myself. I instantly put on my thinking cap and decided on who to write about. I didn't need to let my thinking wheels travel too far. With the Young Legends of Inspiration segment on my blog in mind, I decided to write about the first legend  +Ato Ulzen-Appiah, of course with his permission which he granted! I was really glad he did, it was an honour.
I started working at it right away.I gathered all facts and information I needed and with a spice of my creativity, this article was born;
It was quite a herculean task which took days but I finally submitted it.

On 24th May 2013, I received good news; my entry made it to the top five, it was however not uhuru! I was to make people read my story, get inspired and like it via the facebook button and the highest number of likes would be declared as winner!  Hmmm...another round. I did my best and with the unwavering help of some awesome people, I managed to get over 600 people to read, get inspired and like my story.
Checking my progress with the number of likes was now the first thing I did when I woke up and the last thing I did before retiring to bed.
I won't forget how fast my heart would beat when my opponents were trying to catch up with me especially during the last days to the deadline. I wanted to win; If I would win anything, I wanted it to be concerning writing because I am highly passionate about writing.

During the waiting period, I really thought the days were very slow but the deadline finally came and I received great and joyous news; I WON!, I WON the "I know a Ghanaian Star writing competition"!!!
My joy knew no bounds, I fulfilled knowing that I have made one big progress in my writing journey. My joy isn't really about the prize but with the fact that I have been able to achieve something with my writing ability and made progress on this  amazing writing journey of mine. Hardwork really pays, I believe and this has proved it. Let's put away procrastination and laziness and be inspired to work hard in all areas of our endeavours. Remember,"Less Talk, More Action".

I am particularly grateful to all those who helped and encouraged me to get this far. What would I have done without you all?  Thank you so much!