Thursday, 26 February 2015

Super Wednesday - 3 Relevant Things That Would Make You A Champion

1.Avoid Excuses, Get It Done.
Excuses are probably the most commonest stuff you can ever hear. "Due to this and that...", "I couldn't complete it because..." and a whole lot. They might save you  from being blamed and getting disappointed in but the truth is excuses won't get you to your dreams. They will only help you procrastinate instead of actually getting done what needs to be done. Remember, "no efforts, no progress". Say goodbye to excuses and get those goals achieved!

2.Don't Give Up (Easily).
No achievement is without hindrances and challenges. I guess you have heard nothing good comes easily too. Well, that's true. There isn't any assurance that great thing you look forward to doing, getting or achieving would come easy, but there is that certainty that with  conscious efforts to be tough-skinned, determined, persistent and hard work, you would surely win. Don't give up, yes don't give up.  You can make it!

3.Don't Neglect Your Passion(Talent).
Find that thing that makes you tick, that thing that excites you which you can naturally do. Its not enough having it, its needs to mature. Nurture and grow your talent for it would lead you to your fulfilment. Look for materials available which will help you develop it. Search for people who share same passion as you and learn from them. Then you can become valuable to others!

These 3 golden tips will surely help you on your way to becoming that champion you desire to be. Has any positive practice helped you too? Feel free to share!