Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Blessings Keeping A Diary Can Be To You

Has there been a point in time in your life when you felt your chest heavy with matters you wished to get off but then not to a person? Have you ever "cursed" yourself for forgetting something you should have remembered for a very important moment?

1. A Bank Of Memories

Would you be able to remember what happened yesterday in 15years time? This thought used to scare me a whole lot, however, not any more. Keeping a diary has made keeping and reliving those special moments that shouldn't be forgotten very easy. How fun and nostalgic it will be digging back and sharing those great with your kids years and years later!

2. A Sweet Companion

Wondering what could be sweet of a diary? It won't judge you!. No matter what experiences and choices you write in your diary, it will never tell you back what it thinks! You are at total liberty to truthfully record exactly as it is unlike trying to polish up when telling a person for the fear of being judged. You can pour it all out!

3. Better Decisions
Once you are able to record your experiences as they come up, you will be able to make better decisions when you find yourself in similar situations. You don't need to get stressed thinking your brains out on what to do when there was a similar situation you conquered in the past!

4. Boosts Creativity

Practice makes man perfect indeed. This has been a true secret of mine.(no more a secret because I just told you). I have kept diaries since 2007 and it has only made me better at writing. I have watched my writing improve year after year and its been amazing. Writing regularly in your diary will go a long way to sharpen your writing skills.

Your diary shouldn't necessarily read "Dear Diary". C'mon, it could be a story, a sensational poem, a striking observation or an amazing artwork. Go wild!

5. Brings Joy

Everyone has got a "down" moment. Joy fills me up whenever I read about some happy moments from my diary when I'm sad. It works for me, I bet it will for you too!

Do you have any benefit keeping your diary has brought to you? Feel free to share.