Saturday, 15 March 2014

Super Wednesday- "That man, that inspiration"

There are people who can never be forgotten, they are just so special; not because they don’t have humanly characteristics or got the best of everything, but because they inspire change when they come into your life.

I have met a lot of people in life; those who live by what life offers to them, those who strive to change their status quo, those whose life is an inspiration on its own and those who brave through life, drive on, to make their dreams a reality and not stop there but make positive impact on those they come in contact with. I have known people who, for a long time, haven’t influenced me or made any impact on me and those who strive to make people better as long as you are in their lives and have contact with them.
Four days ago on I hinted on this write-up on Google plus “For a few months now, I have seen great positive change in my life. I have been inspired, pushed and guided to work hard, read widely and write more. I love the new me. That man, that inspiration”.                                                                                                    
I was not the laid back person who would not strive and better herself up, at least I have taken bold and difficult initiatives which landed me great opportunities and rewards but I have seen great, positive, rapid change in me within a short period of time. I have worked harder, read more, written more and have become a better person; because of someone I met who had great positive impact on me.

 It’s been less than half a year; a few months, ever since I came into contact with “That man, that inspiration” and there has been a new me. Let me share two aspects of my life that has experienced these changes. I had this blog, but hadn’t done this much on here. The first time I met “that man, that inspiration” on a one-on-one date, all we talked about was me, my talent, passion and ambitions. Then this blog came up. Though I had a few pieces here already, “that man, that inspiration” constantly injected into me and constantly reminded me on the fact that I had to grow this blog by writing more.

With his help, I have been able to create and introduce two segments here; Young Legends of Inspiration where I profiled Ato Ulzen Appiah in my debut and Super Wednesday, where I share a piece every Wednesday. There are a lot more in the pipe line. I love writing, it is goes beyond a hobby, and it’s a passion of mine. It makes me happy; it gives me great joy to know I am making progress with it. If someone is passionate about growing and bearing fruits concerning my passion, that means a LOT to me.

My reading habit has improved positively. I usually read once a while when I pounce on a book occasionally. Within this few months I have read books that I would have taken a whole year to read. I don’t only read but review them also. All of these happened with his constant encouragements, suggestions, advice, strict principles and supervision. This has increased my knowledge and vocabulary base and that I look back and find amazing.

There are other parts of me that has been affected positively too which I can’t talk all about in this post. I leave that for another day. This may not seem a great deal to someone, but it is to me. It means a lot to me for someone to take my passion and dreams at heart, work hand-in-hand with me in making them a reality. If everybody I had met had made such impact in my life within a short period of time, I wonder what kind of amazing person I would be now.

“That man, that inspiration” has helped me out a great deal, some; I can’t even talk about here because of their private nature. He has made me realised I wake up every morning with a passion to grow, a challenge to overcome and a dream to fulfil. Every fibre of me is grateful to him for his great help in making me a better person. There have been instances where he could have given up but he still forges on to make my dreams a reality. What better association could I have wished for?
Some people can never be forgotten, they are just so special; not because they don’t have humanly characteristics or got the best of everything, but because they inspire great change when they come into your life and “that man, that inspiration is undoubtedly one of them.