Saturday, 8 March 2014

Super Wednesday- The Strange Proposal.

It was Super Wednesday, I was drenched in my birthday mood so much that I couldn't post this, but I have now.I have had some strange occurrences. I would like to share one, which I have had questions about, till now.

I was born into Methodism, my family was a very staunch one. I still happened to be in the children service because I was not yet of age to join the youth fellowship. Children service was interesting and taught me a lot of religious things. I was very involved in the activities in children service, till I had to leave for boarding school in Senior High and could only be part of them when it was vacation.

 It happened about six years ago. I was about entering form two in Senior High. It was vacation, had the opportunity to join the children service again, at least till school re-opened. In church, I was very sociable; I was opened to all. Though I was reserved (as usual), I was everybody's friend whether my age or not. I didn't have favourites (after all its church where people seek sense of belonging, why should favouritism be encouraged anyway?)

One day, a young little boy who was eight by then sent his little sister to bring me something. It was a folded piece of paper. Church was closed by then, I decided to open it when I reached home. "What could this little boy want to tell me which he couldn't approach me with but had to write?" I wondered. Well, I got home and opened it. What I saw surprised me; I have been amazed by it till now.

"Dear Sister Mabel, 

 I want to tell you that I have got feelings for you and I love you. I am shy and can't tell you in the face, so I wanted to write this."

Whoa! I was shell-shocked! An eight year old little boy could write this to me a seventeen- year -old girl? Was I dreaming? Lots of thoughts were running in my mind. "He had feelings for me? Could an eight year old boy in 'Ghana' have feelings for a seventeen year old girl?"  "He loved me"; did he really know what love is and really meant?  "Why not any of his age mates at least, but me?"

I have had a couple of boys who were my age mates and even older telling me that as at then but not someone younger than me, an eight year old boy!

I was so surprised, didn't know what to do exactly; whether to tell someone or not, what to tell my "little boy" in love, how to go about the whole thing. Gradually, another Sunday approached but unfortunately, he wasn't in church neither was his little sister (our betweener). I had to go back to school within that week which meant I would be in school by that next Sunday... 

I left for school and came back home for another vacation. I saw him in church, and decided to speak to him when church was over. Immediately church was over, my "little love" had rushed home, nowhere to be found! I wondered why. The next Sunday, same happened. He has kept his distance from me till now.

He is adolescent now, in Senior High. The last time I saw him, he was going home from school.  He was very grown compared to when he sent me the letter.

He had feelings for me, He loved me.... my little love!