Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Super Wednesday; The Second Golden Chance

It's extremely crazy when something you badly want  to do away with tends to strike a thunder on what you badly want and wish to protect.
Emotion is king. Whatever you want to do must not affect our "king" negatively. It's very delicate and it's fruits are powerful; either a blessing or a curse. It could be either sweet or bitter too.
There is no feeling as rotten as letting down the flag of trust someone has been holding high for you, especially when it's not your intention at all. It's worse when the efforts you have been making turned out to be the windstorm that blew down the flag of trust.
At that moment, nothing said or done can instantly raise up the flag. If you are not given up on, then that's a golden chance and would just  be a matter of time. No body would perfectly comprehend what you went through no matter how well it's narrated till the person passes through same.
The indispensable ingredient is no more, yet the soup is still cooking. It can't taste the same says the custodian . It's crooked but not broken, surely it can be whole again.
The efforts made towards the mending has been great and amazing! It's beyond words and description. The "faultee" has put in more than the " faulter" which makes is amazing. It's rare. Perhaps the "faulter"  has realized not words our planned actions can do the mending but it's takes that " grace element" from the "faultee" to restore the wholeness once again.
One special thing about the whole thing I have realized is that the "poison" has made us stronger; injected into us the consciousness of value and unity and this is priceless.
A second chance backed with a pure intention is precious and I'm nursing and caring for it as I would do for my baby. However,  the "faulter" is still human. Only that it's in check and won't go overboard anymore.
These are thoughts that have been hovering in my mind for sometime now. It's worth sharing so I just did.