Thursday, 3 April 2014

Super Wednesday- Unexpected Change

The great joys of yesterday,
Without a pain.
How frequent smiles appeared on my face,
At an ever increasing pace.

Without a warning,
The lights dimmed.
Down smiles were pinned,
In, darkness creeped.

Green turned red,
No more bread,
Waters dried,
Times without number eyes cried.

Flesh thinned,
Outlets stiffened,
Sorrow thickened,
Friends were far away.

My head, a carriage.
Carried my own burdens,
With no pardon,
Seeking for refuge.

Strength drained,
Heart aches,
Weak, bone goes.
Joy always faints.

Who? ,
When? ,
Where? ,
How? .

 My brain seeks answers,
 For wholeness my heart yearns.
 Strength my bones needs,
 From whence shall these come?

 I see it from afar,
The green light day,
Though far,
Worth waiting for!