Thursday, 26 September 2013


From the crow of the cock which transported me from slumberland to reality, I felt deep within me it was going to be a great day. I think its written beneath the clouds ''its gonna be a great day''.
I am happy beyond measure. Joy is now the blood flowing in my veins and its also the air through my lungs and nostrils. I haven't won a multi million dollar lottery, neither have my wildest dream come to pass. Let us not even think about the ladder; All of my plans failed today, which should have compelled me to wear moodiness as a cloak,yet JOY is all I know!!



As I looked down the ladder from the verge,I knew it would take a miracle to get down there. Everything looked shaky, my sight was unbalanced. The ladder was unstable as it perched against the wall with me on it verge. ''All hope is gone'' sounded several times in my mind.My hair stood on its end, I was gripped with fear. The only logic idea I had was to take the boldest step to descend. How could that be successful if the ladder was so shaky? I soliloquized.
My fate depended on the immediate golden step I would have to take that very moment. Just then, something caught my attention. There were birds flying in the sky. They flew in a certain pattern. I stared harder and saw the formation of the birds in the pattern of a certain letter of the alphabet.
What could they want to communicate to me? Was that going to help me spring out from my situation? As I was brooding over that, the first batch flew away and suddenly I saw a new set forming another letter... TO BE CONTND...


Landed in his full regelia,
to contribute his quota,
Seconds became minutes,
minutes grew into hours,
hours handed over to days.

Silently the bells tolled,
Fate unfolded its puzzle,
unlike poles attracted,
within a twinkle of an eye

Thoughts brewed,
Emotions deepened,
Hearts reached out,
Silence reigned.

Disguised yet a jewel,
simple but precious.
plain yet sweet
cunning but trustworthy,

Lights may go dim,
Waters may dry up,
Thunder may threaten,
Never would the web 
be blown!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Its a feeling I cannot explain. Its source I knoweth not. Inquisitive, curious, ''you ask to many questions'' they tell me in the face. I totally agree because those traits are mixed with my blood. Little do they know these traits are ingredients for greatness. Greatness that would make many hearts stop for Milli
seconds, cause minds to loose control, make people speechless and would be the solution to the problems of people. The feeling and urge to make a different is so great and that urge keeps me on my toes. I appreciate who and what I am. Its just a matter of time... That green light day would surely appear! Don't do away with what makes you, you. It might be a necessary ingredient to catapult you to your dream world!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


I wrote this on that day.It was a day where nothing went right.I remember that day vividly. I was so down that I thought I would never make it through. But something lifted me out of that state into a happier one...and it was FAITH!

While we watched the sun go away,
And its shadows fade,
so dark it made the place.
On and off it came,
Making our hearts break.
Yet hope shone in our hearts,
shooting our faith so high.
We shall not cower,
neither shall we shiver,
For bitter or sweet,
We shall surely win!

                                                                                          February 9,2010.

My Precious Gems

They helped in my socialization process. The taught me how to write the first to the last letter of the alphabets. They taught me the power of words , they showed me etiquette, they refined me,they showed me the staircase to good and the road to evil..They disciplined me.They helped me acquire the most important tool...EDUCATION. I want to show them I know them all, I haven't forgotten about them.I have their words on the walls of my cerebrum. Thanks for helping mold me become who and what I am today...Your hard work produced good fruits. Thanks my TEACHERS!

Preparatory 1 Rose-       Teacher Celestine and Tina
Preparatory 2 Marigold- Teacher Rose
Class1 Sunflower-       Mr. Anthony Benedict Forson
Class2 Bougainvillea- Mr. Frimpong
Class3 Daffodil-          Mr. Benjamin Gibbah
Class4 Uranium-         Mr. Benjamin Gibbah
Class 5 Bronze-           Mr. Justice Ackah
Class6 Diamond-        Mr. Kumi
Junior High School 1Jasper - Mr. Godson Dogbe
Junior High School 2 Topaz - Mr. Daniel Agya Amoah
Junior High School 3 Jacinth - Mr. Daniel Agya Amoah

Pre- Technical Skills - Mr. Godson Dogbe
Agriculture     -            Mr. Asiamah
Social Studies -            Mr. Harry Kumi and Mr. Oheneba Kissi Lartey
R.M.E             -            Mr. Alison
Gen. Science  -             Mr. Daniel Agya Amoah
Mathematics  -             Mr. Stephen Mensah
English          -             Mr. Mark Bekoe Yirenkyire
Calabash Ar t-              Mr. Leslie Karley and Mrs. Mintah Jacobs
GA                 -             Mrs Ofori
French           -             Poto Poto

In achieving my goals, your targets are being reached also. God richly bless you all!!!

To be  cont...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Could a smile be born?

When the days go blue
and the windows are closed.
When the candles go out
and darkness reigns
Could a smile be born?

When green turns brown,
and bones go weak.
When joy dies,
and sorrow is born,
Could a smile be born?

When the sun hides
and the moon goes to sleep.
When hope retires and love fails,
Could a smile be born?

When no one cares,
and friends fail.
When eyes water
and lips go dry
Could a smile be born?
                                                                                        (On an occasion when a dear one was very sad
                                                                                         9th September,2010. 12;43am)

Together on the swing

Being a creative writer doesn't only mean putting imaginary things on paper. Nothing wrong with making your imaginations go wild but sometimes the content is just near you. Look around; just around and observe the situations surrounding you. look at the smile on your sister's face and write about it. Perhaps, it could be how skilfully the  ducks are swimming in the pond or how nature keeps blinding you with its beauty!
 With this, I didn't have to go too far, I looked at the status quo of a dear one's life and formed this.

As the cool breeze pampers our skin,
and steady goosepimples appear,
Liberty is granted our minds,
about they wander,
farthest they go, 
deepest they dive.

The swing; our heaven!
where nothing seems impossible,
our fears are belittled
our challenges beaten.
Our secret?
not written on our faces
or seen in our hands,
but safely locked up,
where no one can go.

Weeds grew amidst wheat
bubbles of hatred formed
We tol love;
it was lust!
Smiles faded, 
faith failed,
Love lost its foundation
Hope was gone!

Where was the passion?
we thought it couldn't fail!
The sacrifices? 
they added no colour!
Where were the kisses? they meant nothing! The hugs?
They added no heat.

The sun could still shine;
If only pride is swallowed.
The stars could lighten up,
if hurts are erased.
The moon won't hide, if fears are bilittled.
So we could mend our swing
And forever smile!

                                                                                                              3rd September,2010