Monday, 16 September 2013

Together on the swing

Being a creative writer doesn't only mean putting imaginary things on paper. Nothing wrong with making your imaginations go wild but sometimes the content is just near you. Look around; just around and observe the situations surrounding you. look at the smile on your sister's face and write about it. Perhaps, it could be how skilfully the  ducks are swimming in the pond or how nature keeps blinding you with its beauty!
 With this, I didn't have to go too far, I looked at the status quo of a dear one's life and formed this.

As the cool breeze pampers our skin,
and steady goosepimples appear,
Liberty is granted our minds,
about they wander,
farthest they go, 
deepest they dive.

The swing; our heaven!
where nothing seems impossible,
our fears are belittled
our challenges beaten.
Our secret?
not written on our faces
or seen in our hands,
but safely locked up,
where no one can go.

Weeds grew amidst wheat
bubbles of hatred formed
We tol love;
it was lust!
Smiles faded, 
faith failed,
Love lost its foundation
Hope was gone!

Where was the passion?
we thought it couldn't fail!
The sacrifices? 
they added no colour!
Where were the kisses? they meant nothing! The hugs?
They added no heat.

The sun could still shine;
If only pride is swallowed.
The stars could lighten up,
if hurts are erased.
The moon won't hide, if fears are bilittled.
So we could mend our swing
And forever smile!

                                                                                                              3rd September,2010