Thursday, 26 September 2013


As I looked down the ladder from the verge,I knew it would take a miracle to get down there. Everything looked shaky, my sight was unbalanced. The ladder was unstable as it perched against the wall with me on it verge. ''All hope is gone'' sounded several times in my mind.My hair stood on its end, I was gripped with fear. The only logic idea I had was to take the boldest step to descend. How could that be successful if the ladder was so shaky? I soliloquized.
My fate depended on the immediate golden step I would have to take that very moment. Just then, something caught my attention. There were birds flying in the sky. They flew in a certain pattern. I stared harder and saw the formation of the birds in the pattern of a certain letter of the alphabet.
What could they want to communicate to me? Was that going to help me spring out from my situation? As I was brooding over that, the first batch flew away and suddenly I saw a new set forming another letter... TO BE CONTND...