Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Super Wednesday; Beatrice.

Its Super Wednesday! every bit of me is excited and my creative mind is willing to share this. Love isn't all words but actions. The actions will bring out all you want to say. Someone showed me love about seventeen years ago and I just can't forget it; its so engraved in my heart, I don't think I ever will.

It was in Creator Schools,preparatory one Rose, but I can still remember vividly what happened. She was in my class, she was my sitting mate. Her name is Beatrice, for her other names, I can't remember. She was my first friend in class because we happened to be sitting mates.

We are normally given homework to be done at home and brought back the next day for marking. I had two teachers in preparatory one; Celestine and Teacher Tina as we fondly called them. Teacher Celestine was always had smiles on her face, was approachable and very sweet to us whiles Teacher Tina hardly smiled and you dared not break any of her rules.

 Every morning, we were to put our homework books on our tables for inspection. Our teachers would then go round to inspect everyone's. I clearly remember one day, my homework books weren't in my school bag. I had left them at home. I checked my school bag several times just in case I was mistaken but the fact didn't change, they were just not there. I was scared to hell, I began to shiver because I knew painful lashes awaited me. Beatrice on the contrary,had brought hers and she had them on the table.

Unfortunately, it was Teacher Tina who was inspecting on that day, my fear increased. As she approached our table, Beatrice hid her homework books under our table. I looked at her confused; why would she do that when she had hers? Why would she  hide her homework books when she knew that meant trouble?    As I was just about to ask her about it she said to me " I don't want you to be beaten alone, I have hidden mine so we would all be beaten together." I was shell-shocked! I thought I hadn't heard her right. True to her words,she was also punished when Teacher Tina got to our table! It was so abnormal that someone would want to be beaten because of a friend. That touched my heart a whole lot! Never heard anyone did that for a friend in our class or any other class.

Another day in school, I wasn't feeling well. I had caught cold and was coughing real bad. It had rained earlier that morning and was very cold. Beatrice took off her pullover and offered it to me though she was feeling very cold too. Our teachers were even amazed! That was love! We became closer and were the best of friends. Unfortunately she left the school the next academic year, In preparatory two, my best friend was had left. She never returned to Creator Schools and never saw her again. Though she wasn't close to me anymore, her actions of love were engraved in my heart; I have never forgotten about her. I tried searching for her on various social media but to no avail.

A true friend she was!, she had a heart of gold. Today, I remember and write about this as though it happened just days ago. I hope and pray we meet once again. Please if you are a brother or sister to Beatrice, kindly tell her I miss her and haven't forgotten about the love she showed me.!