Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Daddy's Love

I respect and admire men who would not mind doing things seen as “feminine duties” to help out their wives.
Even as a little girl, I thought and felt so cool seeing my dad do for me, the things my mum is to usually do. I remember those mornings when he bathed me and got me ready for school. Getting three girls ready for school in the mornings before 6;30am whiles preparing for work also wasn’t a joke; his thoughtfulness of adding certain duties to his roles impressed me greatly.

I felt so attached to him; I was very close to him because I felt his love always through his actions. No matter how tired he was after work, he mostly made time to have a chit chat with “his little girl” about how and what went on in school. Some of these things made our bond stronger.

I remember one time my little sister used a “foul word” on me and I hit her. My dad hit me slightly on the arm to set my little sister at peace and that broke my heart greatly. “Why did he have to hit me? Did he hear what my little sister told me?” I asked myself. I felt our love was bruised. I eventually fell sick out of that. That was how dear his love was to me.
I also remember how he gave me cold baths and served me dinner all the time during my convalescence period, with him being close, my recovery was quick. There are countless precious moments I would want to share but would leave that for another post. That were little things he did for me that bonded us greatly till today.

Big things are great, but little things done out of love and thoughtfulness touches my heart a lot, they mean very big to me. They are those things that become part of me which I remember easily and talk about fondly.
Those are memories I wish to keep in a box, tie with a red ribbon and keep with me forever.