Thursday, 26 June 2014

Super Wednesday- Etornam

I believe I have come a long way ever since I started writing in 2007 during my first year at OLA Girls Senior High School. At the beginning, I had no mentor, my only inspiration was the fact that my first story "Just a dream" got published in "The Mirror", a weekly newspaper in Ghana. That raised my spirits and motivated me to do more writing. I didn't really think I was good before that happened.

Just about that time, national service personnels were posted to come teach at my school, and Etornam was one of them. He was assigned to teach Literature. Though I wasn't in the General Arts class, I started hearing about this new, cute and good Literature teacher in the dorms, bath houses, on working plots, classrooms and every possible gathering places, Literature students could not keep quiet about how good he was at teaching Literature. Soon, there were rantings about him everywhere.Though I was curious to know who he was, that wasn't my on my agenda.

Time flew and getting to the end of first year, Etornam and I crossed paths though I can't clearly remember how. As time went by, I realised the need for someone to help me build my writing skills so I approached Etornam and requested to be my writing coach which he gladly accepted. It was one big previledge;  because he knew and helped me a lot.He gave me several writing assignments,helped me build my vocabulary, edited my works,I can say he believed in my writing ability more than I did as at then. He inspired me a lot and pushed me to do more.
He pushed in me the awareness that people needed to read my pieces. He saw in me what I couldn't see and helped a great deal to develop it.I won't forget how he would say "Mabel, don't ever stop writing". He worked with me as though he was going to be paid. He was ever ready to help me out, any time, anywhere. Even when I thought I had written something useless, Etornam would see good in that and help me mould it into something really useful.

The academic year came to an end and the national service personnels had also completed their term of service, my coach had to leave. This was bad news for me, the thought of Etornam leaving always broke my heart. Who could take his place? He was a priceless gift to me who helped me out a great deal.
I gradually built the courage to accept the fact that his departure from OLA was inevitable. Even though he left, he still stayed in touch.

It was with his inspiration I started this blog. My passion for writing grew as a results of him.With his words ringing in my mind, I am always reminded I shouldn't stop writing. This day, I appreciate you for being what you were to me. Each day, when I take a pen to write or go through my blog, I remember I started with you and would have probably not reach here without you. Thank you Etornam