Monday, 11 August 2014

I Know a Ghanaian Star Prize giving Lunch

Winning Konnect Africa's "I know a Ghanaian Star" writing competition is a  big achievement for me and a great step in my writing journey.  It feels awesome when your effort pays, trust me.  It is not completely about the prize but about the experience and fulfilment.  I have blogged about it already but this is to bring life and evidence to complete the whole story.
August 9,2014 was the day scheduled for the Prize giving Lunch which was to take place at Buka Restaurant located in Osu, Accra. This long awaited Saturday finally arrived and it was so awesome. It was a colourful,  fun filled and wonderful.  It's one of those days which you don,t need to mark in your best days column in your diary but you simply and naturally remember it for the rest of your life.
The organisers safely arrived by 7 am in Accra from Nigeria for the event. By12:30 noon, the organisers,  winners and a special guest were all gathered at Buka Restaurant in Osu. Buka is a beautiful African restaurant.  Their building,  interior,exterior and everything portrays Africa. Only African dishes are available and served, so in case you are craving for Ampesi, fufu, akpl3 and fetri detsi,  Buka is the right place to head to.
We had an awesome time connecting with  each other,  learning, eating and receiving our prices!