Saturday, 6 September 2014

Five Tips to Help Prepare for That Interview

Taking a trip down memory lane, I can clearly recall and almost relive memories of interviews I have had in  the past.
I  had a couple of interviews even before hitting nineteen ranging from scholarship interviews, job interviews, etc. I will share some of these experiences later on.

Last week, I came across an article on interview tips by Jemila Abdulai which I found really insightful and useful. If only I knew some of those before my very first interview for scholarship when I was nineteen...
I wouldn't want anybody saying "if only they knew this earlier" as I am saying now, so I thought it would be thoughtful to hit on some these tips Jemila shared.

1. Research Research Research

Ignorance is really no excuse in an interview.  Find out a bit more about the company you are interviewing with, dig deeper into their affairs, what interests them, and top up your knowledge on them.  Well preparedness for a battle brings confidence and confidence on the job is a marvel to behold!

2. Structure your responses.

Structuring your responses in an interview goes a long way in providing accurate responses. Interview questions  could be tricky, make sure you listen carefully to note if the questions of the interviewer are two-in-one questions or not. A two part question should have a two part response.

Your tone shouldn't be too low or too high but just right.  It is mostly better to be sure you are heard by your interviewer than weren't heard.
Don't shy away from asking "can you hear me?"  when there is bad Internet connection in the case of a virtual interview.

3. Look presentable and be yourself

Whether a virtual or one - on- one interview, take that extra time to make sure you look presentable at least. 
Being yourself whiles trying to be cautious in an interview is important. Even though your cover letter and CV talks about you,  an interview helps the company to get to know you better.
It's a way of they getting acquainted with you and knowing more of you, aside the things stated in your cover letter and CV.
Don't forget to wear a smile often when necessary during the interview, it could help do the magic!

4. Follow up and say thank you

It shows thoughtfulness to follow up with an e-mail to your employer to say thank you.
Not only does it show thoughtfulness but keeps you in their thoughts and mind.

5.Ask Questions if possible.

Asking a question during an interview doesn't mean you are bugging the employer, it rather helps to clear and flush out doubts you may have concerning the job and this may go a long way to prevent future misunderstandings.

I didn't know some of these tips shared above earlier but I'm glad I do now.
Kindly share, you might never know who badly needs this to make that mark! ☺